Sam Olagun-Samuel

Sam Olagun was born to a Baptist family in Nigeria. In 1981, he was called into a personal relationship with Christ by the grace of God. Sam continued to grow in his Christian walk until about 11 years ago when he received a calling into Ministry. Since then, Sam has responded and fully yielded to serve Christ as his Lord and Savior. He began his ministry as a teacher at his local church. As an ordained pastor, he has ministered in various local churches and fellowships. His mission is to passionately preach and teach uncompromising and unadulterated Christ as the divine truth, following John 14:6.

In addition to his itinerary as a minister, Sam is a featured teacher with Christ Divine Truth Media Ministries, which broadcasts through WMCA 570am, a New York Radio station, and His goal is to be fully obedient to God’s will by teaching and preaching to prepare people from all nations for His Kingdom and to equip them to do good works, following Ephesians 4:12-15. His messages are delivered through media, itinerary ministries, conferences, seminars, and fellowships.

Sam is dynamic and enthusiastic towards the work of ministry and in propagating the gospel according to Mathew 28:19. Also, he is a licensed physical therapist and was an adjunct professor at two colleges – LaGuardia and York Colleges. He is the founder of Christ Divine Truth Ministries, as well as the President and CEO of Jamaica Physical Therapy.

Sam graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook with two bachelor degrees in Biochemistry and Physical Therapy. He obtained a master’s degree in Public Health, with a concentration in Executive Healthcare Management from Columbia University in New York. He earned his doctorate degree from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Profession in Boston, MA. Sam continues to be a student of the bible.

Samuel and Bamidele, his God-given wife, are blessed with children.